Surfacing and The Far Shore Feature Movies Filmed in our Region.

Sep 2, 2023 | Events, Featured Posts, General Information

Did you know that two made for cinema movies were filmed in the Cloyne area in 1976 and 1981?  The movies ‘Surfacing‘ and ‘The Far Shore’ were filmed with US and Canadian actors in Bon Echo and Skootamatta Lake.  Why did the directors choose our area? What was the budget of the films?  How did the actual filming affect individual property owners?

See the movie parts filmed at Bon Echo, Skootamatta Lake and Pethick’s store north of Mazinaw Lake.  Hear Dot Pethick describe the day of filming at Pethick’s store and how it impacted their day.  Were the films successful?  You be the judge and learn the background of these seldom seen movies.

Join us at the Cloyne and District Historical Society regular meeting on Monday, September 18th, 2023 at 1 pm, Barrie Community Hall in Cloyne.  Everyone is welcome.  Admission is of course, free.  Questions?  Call 613-336-3211.

This video is now available for public viewing on our YouTube Channel:



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