Marlean and Wayne McLean To Speak On ‘The Spicer Farm’

Apr 19, 2023 | Featured Posts, General Information

Marlean and father-in-law, Wayne McLean will speak on the history of the Spicer Farm at the next General Meeting of the CDHS. The meeting will be held as usual, at the Barrie Community Hall, May15th at 1 pm.  Everyone is welcome!

Solomon Spier 1853 - 1932

Solomon Spier 1853 – 1932

The Spicer Family History is hand-scribed on a large piece of the Canadian Shield, referenced as The Rock of Ages and the Granite Stone Farmhouse on Clark Line Road, Flinton Ontario. Affectionately referred to as the Spicer Farm.


Solomon Spicer married Margaret Ann Vance, Solomon was a well known stone mason who worked on local bridges/dams as well as houses. He also hand scribed grave stones.

Henry Spicer married Madeline Sedore. They had one child named Reta May Spicer. Reta was born on November 18, 1923. The two storey granite stone house was hand scribed and dated 1923 upon its completion. This year marks its Centennial.

Miss Madeline Sedore Membership Card

Miss Madeline Sedore Membership Card – 1921

My husband and I acquired the farm in 2017 in a private sale after it been owned out of the family for decades. Those who had connections to the farm were pleased to see it returned to family. Today we celebrate 6 generations of family history including our boys.

We look forward to sharing this family history with you. Thank you to the Cloyne and District Historical Society and Pioneer Museum with special thanks to the lovely Shirley Sedore for ensuring that this story is told.


  1. Henry Spicer married my Aunt Madeline Sedore, sister of my dad Ray Sedore of Flinton, my brother Harold Sedore aka Dick
    Used to hang out with two spicer boys by name of Wayne and Dwayne I believe who lived across the river in a small brown insulbrick house just south of the village, across from where my uncle Jack Sedore built their new home. So I’m guessing that Marlene is a distant cousin of mine as was Rita

  2. This family is certainly a real testimony of faith & hard work.
    They are Aldo the true legio s that opened up this region.
    Never forget the pioneers that forged this great nation.

    • This family is certainly a real testimony of faith,,resilience, and hard work.
      God Bless our ancestors and all the pioneers who bravely opened up all of
      the many wilderness trails to build settlements, railroads, logging town’s.
      We are indebted to you, and may you R.I.P. 🙏


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