1968 Kaladar-Northern Telephone Directory for Northbrook, Denbigh, Plevna

Sep 4, 2022 | Featured Posts, Uncategorized

Take a trip back 50 years ago and see the businesses that were in our villages and the people that lived there.  Many are long gone but many are still here.  This telephone directory was mailed to each customer by Kaladar-Northern Telephone System with 3 cents postage (stamp is on the back cover). Interesting features include how to use a rotary-dial telephone, how to make a long-distance call and how to use a ‘party line’.

The directory covers Kaladar, Flinton, Northbrook, Harlowe, Henderson, Cloyne, Fernleigh, Plevna, Ardoch, Ompah, Vennachar, Denbigh, Griffith, and Matawatchan.

View the directory here.

Copies of other years can be found in the Pioneer Museum in Cloyne, open from June to Labour Day.


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