View The Voter’s Lists: 1932, 1952 and 1965

Apr 9, 2022 | Featured Posts, General Information, Uncategorized

Three Voter’s Lists are available to view, two of those contributed by Debbie Neale.  The Denbigh, Abinger and Ashby 1932 Voter’s List includes a Schedule Of Post Offices (11 in total; Denbigh, Vennachar, Slate Falls, Wensley, Hartsmere, Cloyne, Plevna, Griffith, Cathel Chute, Matawachan, and Hardwood Lake). Listed are the names of eligible voters, their occupation, Lot and Concession, qualification and Post Office. The occupation designations include farmer – the most common, but also housewife, gentleman, laborer, captain, postmaster, stage driver, lumberman, carpenter and pastor.

By 1952, the Denbigh, Abinger and Ashby Voter’s List had grown to 21 pages as compared to 8 in the 1932 Voter’s List.  The Township Clerk was Carl A. Stein. None was mentioned in 1932.

In the 1965 Voter’s List for Kaladar, Anglesea and Effingham, Howard Hasler was the Clerk. The document is 29 pages long wtih columns listing Condition, Lot, Concession, Qualification and Post Office.  Unfortunately, no legend appears to clarify what Conditon or Qualification means. The source of the document is from the CDHS Archives.

View the three PDF Documents here: Denbigh, Abinger & Ashby 1932, Denbigh, Abinger & Ashby 1952 and Kaladar Anglesea & Effingham 1965.