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The Cloyne and District Historical Society (CDHS) has thousands of items of interest in the Pioneer Museum and Archives in Cloyne. Our YouTube Channel hosts videos of interest that are too large to be hosted on Flickr. Our Flickr site is a depository for historical documents, photos and videos numbering in the 100's of items that is fully searchable. Flickr is limited when displaying large online items such as multi-page pdfs. On this page you will find large files that can be downloaded for personal, non-commercial use. Permission for commercial use can be obtained by contacting

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History of Skootamatta Lodge by Bill Machan


The History of Wannamaker's Store
Newspaper articles written by Rod Dawson have been combined with information and photos from Don and Connie Wannamaker to tell the history of this Northbrook community landmark since 1958. File size: 1.8 MB.



History of Skootamatta Lodge by Bill Machan

The History of Skootamatta Lake Lodge.
Bill Machan gave a presentation to the Cloyne and District Historical Society a few years ago. Bill's family purchased the property and operated the Lodge in the 1950s. His childhood memories of summers at the Lodge are shared in this document with photos. More photos can be seen on our Flickr site. File size: 1.7 MB.




1994 Land O' Lakes Lions Toll Road Brochure 1994 Lions Toll Road Brochure. Each year the Land O' Lakes Lions provide a brochure for the toll road in Northbrrok. This one was kept for over 25 years.There is a lot of history of supporting businesses and Lions names in the brochure. Take a look and review our history. Contributed by Kent Farrow File size: 2.4 MB.





Township Voter's List 1965 1965 Voter List. This 29 page voter list from the Townships of Kaladar, Anglesea and Effingham in 1965 was contributed by the late Ellery Thompson. It not only lists the voter's names but also the Lots and Concessions, Post Offices, and qualifiers. File size: 1.9 MB.






Woman Suffrage in Canada by Hilda RidleyWoman Suffrage in Canada by Hilda Ridley. This obscure 28 page document describes the struggles women had in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Flora MacDonald Denison's (former owner of the Bon Echo Inn) role begins on page 13. Unknown date of document. File size: 15.6 MB.





Bill Tibble - Account of Stony Lake
Bill Tibble Logging Camp Memories
. In 2009, Bill Tibble recorded his memories when he was a choreboy at Stony Lake - now Bon Echo Lake in the winter of 1944-45. The T.A. Wilson Lumber Company operated the Camp.
File size: 533 KB






Woman Suffrage in Canada by Hilda RidleyWalt Whitman's Influence in Canada by Stanley E. McMullin. Flora MacDonald Denision was a Whitman cultist and one of the major figures behind the Toronto Whitman Fellowship and the organizer of the Whitman Club of Bon Echo.This document explains the history of Flora's decision to make a shrine to Walt Whitman at Bon Echo. File size: 1.98 MB.





Fernleigh Lodge HandbookFernleigh Lodge Handbook. This historical handbook was circulated to Lodge guests. Although the actual date of the booklet is unknown it appears to be published in the mid-1970s. It portrays the Ahr family history in addition to the Lodge grounds, fishing lakes and staff. File size: 7.73 MB.






Sites of Interest Within Bon Echo Provincial ParkVintage Map of Bon Echo Provincial Park. This unusual map of Bon Echo has no known author or date. It does reveal many interesting sites within Bon Echo few visitors have known existed. Significant archaeological and mineral sites have been identified along with old logging camps, logging dams and old hardwood forest stands. Even an old wagon road is identified.
File size: 10 MB.




Susannah of the Mounties.Susannah of the Mounties Movie. This full length (1 hr. 19 min.) movie starring Shirley Temple was produced in 1939 by 20th Century Fox. The original book was written by Muriel Denison in 1936, wife of Merrill Denison who owned and operated the Bon Echo Inn near Cloyne. The book reflected part of the life of Muriel growing up in the near Regina Saskatchewan. The movie differs somewhat from the book.


Bon Echo Inn brochure 1911.


Bon Echo Inn - Opposite Bon Echo Mountain Brochure. This preserved brochure is located in the Queen's Archives. Designed by Howard Denison, 1911. Check with Queen's for permissions. File size: 1.51 MB.






Fernleigh Lodge HandbookVideo: Simpsons: Flora MacDonald Denison. This video was produced by the Textile Museum of Canada and outlines the history of Flora MacDonald Denison and her connection with Simpsons. Suffragist and poet, Flora Macdonald, who was a manager at Simpsons went on to start her own successful dressmaking business and support the women's movement. Length: 2.5 minutes.





Harry's Story DocumentaryHarry's Story. Memories of Harry Andringa, local resident of Flinton during his childhood in Holland. After Hitler's Nazis invaded Holland in 1940 Harry's family hid Jews risking their lives.This documentary explains why Harry is so thankful to Canada's veterans and why he has devoted much of his life to volunteerism. Produced by Ken and Cathy Hook in 2017. Documentary can be viewed at: or downloaded from YouTube in 4K resolution.Length 36 minutes


Harry's Story DocumentaryGilmour (Mazinaw) Tramway. On April 23rd, 2018, Steven Manders made a presentation to the Cloyne and District Historical Society of his findings and research of our local tramway. He constructed a diorama and found artifacts which are now on display at the Pioneer Museum in Cloyne. Steven's presentation has been captured in HD video. Length: 51 minutes. View video here.




Harry's Story DocumentaryHappy Gang Fun Book. Contributed by Tim Snider. An hour of one of the most popular of the arts and entertainment programs of the 1940s and 50s- The Happy Gang. With its signature opening and upbeat tone, it aired for more than twenty years every weekday at lunch on CBC Radio. Download the Fun Book here.

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